Welcome to my web site and I hope that you enjoy the pictures. I certainly enjoyed taking them and feel very lucky to have had the many experiences and pleasures that are behind these images.

Most of the pictures have been shot with Canon 5D Mk 2 or Mk 3, or more recently a 1DX Mk 11 camera bodies. The following lenses being used; 24-70mm  2.8 L USM, 24-105mm  1.4 USM,   50 mm 1.4,  70-200 mm f 2.8 IS USM and for the longer animal and bird shots a 400 m L 2.8 IS USM. Frequently using a 2 times extender to provide up to 800 mm capability. The 400 mm lense requiring a tripod. A big thank you to the superb technology of Canon so many of these pictures were depressingly just point and shoot in Auto mode.


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